About Me

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, photographer, and creative designer.

An eternal optimist, I constantly seek out new opportunities to better myself and the world around me.

I enjoy taking photographs of my surroundings, writing travel articles, and designing graphics, websites, and mobile apps. 

I am an avid traveler! Doing so makes me feel alive - there's nothing like exploring new places, cultures, or languages. The world is such a beautiful place to explore!

After quitting my job for the possibility of working remotely while traveling, I decided to take a solo trip across the pond. With my camera in hand, I began photographing all that I encountered on this new path and documenting the experience on my travel and language learning blog.

Here's a quick recap of how it all started:

In high school "keyboarding" was seen as a nerdy elective, so I took it.

"NOBODY IS GOING TO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO TYPE?! typewriters are obsolete", they said. *INSERT MEH EMOJI HERE*

Learned my way around the MS-DOS command line on a first date.

I was a BBS SySop (system operator) at 15. On a whim, I started a BBS (that’s a bulletin board system or vintage Reddit) in Vegas with my boyfriend called Wicked City named after one of my favorite anime films. Even though it was only a single node (line) it became popular and I met a lot of interesting characters. Fun times!


Techie in Training

Started coding with CoffeeCup Software back in the late 90s and was just happy to create cool GeoCities pages for friends.


This is one of the first pictures I uploaded. I'll spare you the liquid raver background and the under construction animations.

That year I paid to have a custom PC built for the sole purpose of being able to provide desktop publishing services to friends. I set up virtual voicemail boxes for each roommate and charged a monthly fee for the service.


My first break into the corporate world was answering phones for a healthcare consulting firm in Oakland. Between setting appointments and transferring calls, I would learn about Oracle networking systems, desktop publishing, and code. The "computer guy" was impressed, had a chat with the boss and I was promoted and given a raise.

Thanks to the creative explosion that was happening within the digital space, I was able to let my creative juices run wild and started to design and build sites before drag-and-drop editors were a thing.

I even got to live the van life before these influencers tried to convince you it was cool.

All possible with a computer, a phone, and a dream.

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