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Client Onboarding Kit – Create Custom Forms And Save Time. Just Choose, Customize, Submit!


I know how frustrating it is to create the same form over and over again. That’s why I created this Client Onboarding Kit for you! You can use these documents as they are, or customize them with your logo and contact information so that they feel like a part of your business. You will receive 14 different forms in all, which means that no matter what type of client you work with, you can customize each form to fit your business needs.

I know that running a business can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools, your life as an entrepreneur can be much easier. That’s why I created this Client Onboarding Kit for you! It comes with all of the forms you need so that when new clients come in, they get exactly what they need from day one. You won’t have to worry about creating anything yourself because everything is done for you! All of these forms are designed so that they look professional and will help your clients feel comfortable working with your company.

What's Included?

Fourteen (14) customizable forms + PDF Implementation Guide:

  1. Welcome Letters + Welcome Package Guide 

    • As the first impression of your new client onboarding kit, your client will be warmly encouraged and excited for what's to come! And a bonus welcome letter template suitable for creative projects.
  2. Payment Schedule Form: 

    • This is a great way to ensure everyone knows what they're getting into and there aren't any surprises down the line.
  3. Success Guidelines: 

    • How to have the most productive sessions possible. The guidelines for your sessions are set out in an easy-to-follow format that allows you to maximize each one's potential and get even more out of it than before!
  4. Consulting/Client Agreement: 

    • This is a contract that spells out the rules of engagement for both you and your client during sessions, so there are no surprises or late-breaking demands when it comes time to work together!
  5. Session Preparedness Form + Checklist 

    • Allow your client to prepare for their session with you in the best way possible. This is an opportunity that should not be missed, so make sure they know what's coming up and how it will help them. You can make a big difference in your client's life by allowing them to evaluate themselves before each call or session. This way, you'll know what is important for discussion and be more prepared with all of the information needed during our next call together.
  6. Client Consulting Session Notes: 

    • Recording the details of every session allows for a more effective follow-up and ensures the client is satisfied with their progress.
  7. Accountability Pledge Form: 

    • As a business owner, you want to be able to meet your clients where they are at. So how do you know if it's time for you just start worrying or getting more involved? Use this Accountability Pledge Form as an easy guide!
  8. Business Goals + Actions Worksheet: 

    • This worksheet offers an amazing accountability tool for you and your client to turn goals into actions. 
  9. Invoice

    • The client invoice is a great way to keep everyone on track and see how much money has been collected.
  10. Confidentiality Agreement

    • This agreement ensures the protection and verifies the confidential nature of your relationship with a client with an understanding of how their communications will be handled during session time, ensuring maximum privacy for both sides involved in this contract. 
  11. Code of Ethics

    • The backbone of every professional relationship. Your promise to your client so she feels comfortable and confident in working with you will reflect on all aspects from start to finish, which I'm sure each individual wants out their experience when they choose one company over another!
  12. Consulting History Form

    • It allows you to get an accurate picture of your client's experience, as well as what they like or don't enjoy by providing details on every occasion where he/she was helped out with this type of support in the past.
  13. Intake Form

    • This is a great way to get the most important information about your client before meeting them. It allows you an insight into their current situation and future goals, which can help make planning for sessions more effective!

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