IFTTT – Your Limitless Imagination and Applets Connected

Built to work with 200+ services and counting. Talk to everything from Twitter, Salesforce, BBC Weather, Google Sheets, Facebook Messenger—any service you can imagine!

With IFTTT, you can do more with the things you love by creating unlimited Applets and unlocking faster execution times. Make your favorite apps, sites, and devices work together in ways that are uniquely tailored to fit what matters most for a truly personalized experience on any device or platform around the globe!


IFTTT is an app that can be used to create Applets. These are customizable arrangements of triggers and actions with the goal being greater productivity, ease-of-use for everyone regardless if they're tech-savvy or not! The possibilities seem endless when using IFTUTT's maker tools like queries which allow you to take full control over how different devices interact together in order to accomplish your goals based on certain criteria. Unlimited creativity at our fingertips? Yes, please!!

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