ClickUp – A human-friendly app that replaces all your work apps with one.

Powerful work management all in one app. No more downloading separate apps, struggling to keep track of what everyone’s working on, or forgetting to check what you’re supposed to be doing next. Get back the time spent opening up every individual app by using ClickUp – it not only replaces all your work apps with just one but also saves you at least 1 full day per week of distraction without sacrificing control!

The ClickUp app offers a new experience for teams with task management, social communication, and dashboards for analytics. Labeling tasks with hashtags or assigning them to team members allows your manager or client to search and view all of the information in one place. Plus by offering features such as priority tagging and integration with G-suite tools like Google Drive, Slack chats will never send you into an hour of unproductive searches again. So stop wasting time on emails that always get lost in the void! Get back to doing what you do best: getting shit done.

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